Sunday, March 7, 2010

America's Stonehenge

Take a walk in snowshoes through the stone ruins in Salem,New Hampshire. Better known
America's Stonehenge this site has been called Mystery Hill. Was it home of an early Europe
settlement or home to Native Americans? Nobody knows for sure. Research is ongoing, and data shows up all the time. Whoever lived here knew stone construction and astronomy.
Snowshoeing up the main site I walk by where the old clay pit use to be. The necessities of life
were made by many things from this pit. I took pictures of stone chambers where ancients slept,ate and lived. People lived to survive.
Equinox sunsets, sunrises and special days of the year was a way of keeping track of time and the seasons. Stone walls and monoliths were the tools to measure these events
The site sits on 20 o f 110 acres owned by American Stonehenge. Special events are posted. There is also candlelight snowshoeing during the winter months. A gift shop is one the site. One wonders who really lived here, and what happened to the last of this culture. The views are quite stunning, and in the winter it is peaceful. Remember-America's Stonehenge is open year round.

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