Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Salisbury Colonial Burying Ground of 1639

October is a great month for visiting this burying ground in Salisbury, Massachusetts. An eerie sense of the past follows one even in broad daylight. The first five ministers of the Colonial Church of Saliisbury are buried together. Notice the two headstones leaning against each other. I could not read their headstones but I wondered if they knew each other. At some plots slabs of stones were put in the ground to protect graves from the wolves. There are also old military markers from the Revolutionary war.
Relict is an old colonial word for widow, and is on the headstone of Sarah Buswell. The word consort is also used in the place of wife. It is nice to know a woman was considered a queen. Old fashioned Yankee names show up on the headstones. The burying ground is on the road to Salisbury Beach.

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