Friday, October 22, 2010

Salisbury Point Ghost Trail

This trail starts at Lions Park in Salisbury, Massachusetts. The eastern railroad [Salisbury branch]use to run through here. Carriages,wagons and sleighs were delivered on this railroad in the late 1800s. When these modes of transportation became obsolete the auto industry moved in. Who knew? I thought Detroit had the monopoly in the early auto industry.

Soon bodies of early Hudson and Franklin cars were delivered on this branch of the railroad. The workers covered these cars with white muslin giving it a ghostly appearance.It was a site especially at night. Today the trail runs through woods streets and neighborhoods. Kids wear their Halloween costumes on this trail. One woman I met said she built her kitchen right on the trail side so she can people watch. Can you imagine a Halloween walk using old lanterns? One day they might have a virtual ghost train running through this trail. Anything is possible.

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